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How a country is made? Are we really up for it?

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The definition of a “country” is simple and known to all. When we look up in the dictionary, it shows:







So basically, any territory with its own government is called a country. But what makes up for a real nation, a real country – you know what I mean? – a country with the emotions of togetherness and brotherhood, the willingness to DO for the country?

The never ending feeling

I probably am a very boring person to be around.:) Definitely, I am not a spontaneous conversationalist…until the topic of politics and the country comes into play. Then I can go on and on for, don’t know how long. I am very passionate about the possibilities our country hold in development and saddened by how much under-utilized it has been. All excuses of being land-locked, dominated by India, etc. keeping aside, have we worked enough from our side? Have we had any vision for the country? We kind of lost 104 years in the hereditary primeministership and 14+ years in internal war and recovery.

When the discussion of politics and the political system takes over the economic and social issues, then the development is difficult to be seen. Is a political system really a hindrance for development? Japan, Thailand, many European countries have a ceremonial monarch; China has a one party system, Singapore has an authoritarian democracy, USA is a republic with president as executive. It seems, there is no political system ingredient for development.

The recipe only contains the willingness and dedication of the people in power and people not in power to establish a (any) system in the country and follow the system properly in a lawful manner.

Learning from others and the past 

We need to learn from others if we do not know to do certain things. How much have we done in action in the past decade? Yes, a lot has been done and promised in words. Not a pessimistic, but the attitude and the working style of the main drivers of the country can depress any optimist around. It is all about setting the priorities right. We have done so many mistakes in the past but yet, we are reluctant to learn from it. Melamchi was supposed to be here 10 years back. Load-shedding  is increasing year on year. Pollution is another such case.

There is a very right saying – do not wait for the government to clean up your area, do it yourself. Yes, we have tried a lot in that area. But still, there are things that only government can undertake and we cannot do anything else beside putting pressure.

Are we really up for it?

Hundreds of thousands of Nepali have been abroad – for work in countries like Qatar, Malaysia, Korea, or for vacation or for study where rules are mostly pretty in place. There is a system and law – anything against it is punishable. We go to these countries, we follow each and every rule of their country – fearing the law.  We do not even spit on the roads of those countries, follow the timetable strictly, stand up in queue like school children. The moment we board on a plane for Nepal, we forget all those rules – we spit on road, we shout at the airport, we drive not so nicely, we try to break rules wherever we can. Why? Yes, the system is not there yet. But at least, can we try to be bit civilized ourselves first? Are we really up for making our country or want it to be like this forever?

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April 6, 2014 at 4:16 pm

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The Win

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Oh! It was bloody nerve racking. 1 run in 1 ball – and you get to go to the T20 World Championship – for the very first time.

We used to say during school time watching football – Nepal reaching World Cup is gonna take ages. It still holds true in football. But atleast we now have a berth in the cricket world cup. This feels unreal. Goosebumps all over.

This, the somewhat improved performance in football and the increasing recognitions in Miss World – all’s helping Nepal be mapped in the modern world – moving away from the perception of being an underprivileged poor nation. This is how we all stand proud and most importantly, stand united.

Thank you for being the heroes.

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November 28, 2013 at 1:04 am

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Rain Drops

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Drops, rain drops.

All the way down to the earth.

Blue sky that changed into gloomy one.

Dark clouds, cool breeze and then the rain drops

Straight to my  window.

Small ones, bigger ones that came with thunderstorm.

gave relief from the heat and dust.

Some just vanished, some stayed back.

It rained, rained hard – do you want to get wet or dance in the rain?

Choice is yours.

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August 3, 2013 at 7:03 pm

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21st Century Citizen

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21st century citizen – the definition for this might vary people to people, as does for any other terms. “21st century” is however a phrase that many of us, or at least people I know have used a lot during exams in the late 90s. By a lot, I mean A LOT. Every answer related to globalization and development had to start with “In this 21st century”. Too cliched it had become.

But how does it really feel to be in the 21st century? Completely a new world from what it was when we used to just write the phrase in the late 90s. Technology and development has changed how the world looks like. This change is not only limited to the outer surface but has prevailed in other dynamics as well – including how countries and leaders do politics.

For me, a Nepali, whose country slumped into a civil war with the onset of the century – almost stalling all the development activities, and instead rolling back, 21st century is yet to show the true colour. Not that the worldwide phenomenon and globalization has been far from the country, but we are yet to reap the development and ripple it out to the majority population.

On this very day, even in countries like Qatar, Kings are abdicating in favour of the younger generation – to give way for a new chapter of development. Unfortunately, we are still stuck with the old ones. It’s like the kids’ game of merry go round. People playing it have fun – but nothing for us. And on this very day, I went through this link which lists the failed states. Kind of heartbreaking. When a desert like Qatar could transform itself to one of the world’s richest countries, we are just going back. True, they have oil and we don’t. But that is not a good excuse for us at all.

This is something I heard some time back – the verification is not done but let me share it to you as well – even if just for the sake of discussing. And it goes like this – during the Malla regime, Kathmandu (Kantipur, a kingdom at that time), used to be  one of the most civilized and rich kingdoms in the world. Could be as Kathmandu used to be a port for trade with Tibet and the southern states and it used to collect lots of coins as tax. Also, other exisiting countries were not in the present form – most of them small ones and fighting for the territory. Regardless of how true this is, we can surely say from the art, architecture and the culture that we weren’t at all a failed or crippling state back then. But now we are – after centuries, in this 21st century!

What went wrong?


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June 25, 2013 at 9:01 pm

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The growing power of Social Media

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Some time back, I had written about the power that Social Media exerts these days. This fact is definitely not required to be blogged about as many event worldwide has shown what Social Media can really do.

However, while we are on the topic, in Nepal, Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai has also joined Twitter, knowing the fact that Twitter boasts the presence of the influential segment of Nepal vs. the mass segment in Facebook – where having a specific tone is bit difficult. Not even 1 week from the sign-up, he had more than 10,000 followers and extremely engaging fans – with lots of retweets and mentions.

Yesterday, the government hiked the price of cooking gas – in an extreme manner. Kathmandu started reeling under protests in different parts. So was the situation in Twitter. The PM, then started conversation with the Twitterattis in a bid to justify the hike.


When all round criticism didn’t stop coming, the PM announced the revoke of the hike through Twitter.


And now, the traffic in Kathmandu has returned to normal jam only.

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February 13, 2013 at 2:14 pm


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