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I am Kalam

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I am Kalam –  a movie about a  north Indian village set up in a simple background yet  strong story. I was totally bored when I shuffled all the available movies and this particular name pulled me to watch it. And it was definitely a no time waster. 

I feel “I am Kalam” is a movie of all those who are seeking for an identity – an identity in their life – either their own, inspired or someone else’s and of a dreamer and a do-er. The choice basically is upon the individuals – whether to be a copy of someone else, like the antagonist of the movie Laptan does, or  get inspired by someone and follow his path to create your own destiny – like the protagonist of the movie Chotu aka Kalam does. The child looks upon the former Indian President APJ Abdul Kalam as his icon, styles like him and then takes his name.  Basically, he is a child who just needs a hero to whom he can hold to and strive for the success. Deed is what makes people a success – which is shown in the movie with the help of Mr. Kalam himself but it is never bad to have some inspiration all the way. I have had got the chance to be present in one of the ceremonies where APJ Abdul Kalam was the chief guest and what a personality he was…totally stunning.

However, at the end of the day, it should be you who make your destiny. You should definitely have an inspiration to look upon but it should not turn into your obsession. Something I’d like to say at the end is, always follow the leaders you are inspired of, look at the path  they walked on but create your own trail. 

Written by stringsoflife

December 24, 2011 at 12:55 am

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