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Sexy Kathmandu – 2017

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Who wouldn’t want to dwell in a place which is well organized, which has all the required facilities and is basically a good place to live in? When we go through the historical articles and pictures, it is evident that Kathmandu was one of the most vibrant cities – probably in the world back in the “Golden Age” of the Valley. Yes, other civilizations were yet to evolve then, but what happened to us? We rolled back while the others built an entire empire.

Anyways, leaving those “could have been” talks, let’s focus on the topic. The famous ex-mayor of Kathmandu Keshav Sthapit, who pushed the development of Kathmandu city during his tenure back in the late 90’s is back. He was the one who made the Mandala in Maitighar in around a week on the onset of the SAARC summit in 2001, demolishing the houses there. He is known as the person who can influence even the highest authority to make his plan happen.

Now, he has a plan to make Kathmandu a sexy city in 5 years time – a cultural hub with modern lifestyle. That sounds great. For me, it means planned urbanization, good transportation system, may be a metro:) and over all good living environment while keeping the cultural richness intact and promote it to the most in the world.

Let’s hope it is not just another statement but a determined commitment.

Written by stringsoflife

May 5, 2012 at 6:49 pm

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